The best laptops for 2020 2021

 The best laptops of 2020 2021

Top 3 Laptops for 2020 2021

 There are many markets that contain hundreds of laptops, so the person faces difficult choices to buy the best devices, and through our conversation today we will address these difficulties and offer you a list of the best laptops for 2020 that meet all the needs of users and their requests in terms of price, specifications, amount of use and capacity  To endure, and choosing a laptop computer is not an easy thing as there are many different types because you must strike a balance between the quality of manufacturing, strength and price of the device, and this is what makes many users take long periods of time searching and exploring the best devices on the scene, especially in the presence of  Many, many options and devices available in the market.

 Many sites have published evaluations of the best laptops during the year 2020 in terms of advantages and prices so that the user can buy them and these devices have received a high rating by many users, and when buying a new laptop, users should take into account the important advantages and choose  A good operating system as well as you must specify the tasks and uses you need in order to make it easier for you to choose the appropriate device for your use, and at the beginning we must point out that many experts advise users to pay attention to the brand more than pay attention to the price, as Engadget made a classification for a while ago for the top 10 brands  Laptops branding in 2019 considering design elements, support, manufacturing quality, innovation as well as value.

 HP came first in this classification, and Asus ranked second after HP, Dell ranked third and Lenovo in fifth place, while Apple fell to tenth place, which was considered one of the best brands in manufacturing laptops, not this time.  The first is for her, it was ranked seventh in the last year and this is what was displayed in the classification.

 Now we will present to you a list of the best laptops for 2020, some of which combine thinness and light weight, some of which are characterized by a wonderful, thin and well-displayed screen, including devices for games and entertainment, as well as a 2-in-1 convertible laptop that can work as a laptop computer or switch it  To another mode, which is the tablet mode, you can also get ultra-beautiful devices that have an attractive and wonderful appearance, as well as laptops with strong specifications that bear the hard work, right up to devices with few capabilities, so you can choose from them that suits your use.

 The 3 best laptops in order you can buy this year, 2020

 1 - For the third year in a row Dell XPS laptop

Top laptop for 2020 21

 The Dell XPS 13 2019 Edition features excellent 8th generation basic performance in one of the most stylish laptop designs you can buy as it comes with the latest 8th generation Intel processors with a high-speed Speedy PCIe-NVMe SSDs, and the XPS 13 also provides  Powerful performance in an ultra-thin design with a new cooling system and Thunderbolt 3 ports outside allow you to connect to eGPU and other high-speed peripherals to boost your performance We still recommend the slightly larger XPS 13 9360, which has the same Intel Core CPU options  The eighth generation, but it is slightly thicker and does not have the new cooling system and yet it offers a full set of ports, including a USB Type-A connector.

 Features :

 1- An impressive design.

 2 - Excellent and vibrant screen.

 3 - Strong performance with 8th generation Intel processors.

 4- Good battery life in general.

 5 - Equipped with an amazing cooling system that helps you complete all your tasks without a problem.

 Disadvantages :

 1 - The USB Type-A port is not available.

 2 - The camera is of the type of webcam and is prepared with little accuracy, and its quality is not expected.

 2 - The Acer Aspire 5 Core i3 2019 version is the best practical and cheap laptop

 This laptop offers strong and distinct performance and is one of the best in the list of the best practical and cheap laptop as it comes with a wonderful and bright screen that works with 1080p resolution and also comes with a battery with a long life and a reasonable price, and this wonderful device most distinguishes it that it comes at a great price and is cheap compared to its capabilities,  This is in addition to the great performance it provides, as it can work for long periods despite the price it comes with, as it comes at a price of less than $ 500, and the device comes with a luxurious and wonderful structure made of aluminum in addition to a remarkably comfortable keyboard, and what distinguishes this device is also that it is  Suitable for people who are novices to do many tasks, and if we talk about the screen, we will find that it is more than wonderful, as the screen comes with a high and distinctive brightness level, in addition to its great performance. Of course, as we mentioned previously, the device can provide you with great performance and high speed in the completion of work and transfer files and for  For the design, you will find that the device comes in a slim, elegant and lightweight structure, so that you can easily carry it from one place to another, simply and effortlessly.

 Features :

 1 - It offers powerful and fast performance.

 2 - It comes with a long-life battery.

 3 - A 1080p display.

 4 - Budget-friendly price.

 Disadvantages :

 1 - Medium-sized color and contrast graphics.

 2 - The performance of your private network or Wi-Fi is not good to some extent.

 3 - The Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch laptop is the best practical Apple laptop for 2020

Best Laptops for 2020 21

 This laptop is considered one of the best laptops for beginners, and it comes with a 13-inch display. This device can create a mixture between speed in completing tasks and battery life that makes it last for long periods of time and all this at a very affordable price, and the device has a wonderful central processing unit  Intel's eighth-generation processors, and the device works with Touch ID and Touch Bar technology, but you may encounter a small flaw, which is that the keyboard does not work well because Apple has made some minor improvements to it, and if we talk about the device's battery, we find that it is wonderful where  It can work for more than ten continuous hours in addition to a powerful processor in performance and very fast, as well as a distinctive display with bright colors and powerful speakers, and thus it is a very good device for the future at an affordable price.

 Features :

 1 - It offers powerful and fast performance.

 2 - It comes with a long-life battery.

 3 - Screen display with bright colors and bright display.

 4 - Powerful Speakers.

 5 - Great touchpad.

 6 - Budget-friendly price.

 Disadvantages :

 1 - The keyboard is not good.

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